The Digital advertising market is evolving faster than ever before. A marketing strategy incorporating a video ad always reaps the best deals in the long run. Marketing professionals are always looking for new tactics to create long-lasting impressions on their target audience. This perception has led to the emergence of video advertising which slowly and gradually has become the lifeline of almost all business houses.
Video Advertising is a necessary strategic tool owing to a number of reasons. This concept of advertising is unequivocally the most valuable asset of any business. A recent survey concluded that there has been a dramatic shift towards video advertising in the last few years. A number of reasons are responsible for this shift.

To list a few, let’s discuss them in brief:

  • 1) Video Storytelling making the headlinesAs compared to other forms of communications, video advertising brings a unique twist to the old game. This is made possible with the blend of two informational mediums into one promotional powerhouse. These two mediums are nothing but Audio and Video. This is a perfect option to increase customer loyalty and brand retention.
  • 2) The emergence of social media as an Integral componentSocial media platforms have emerged as an integral prospect of Video Advertising. Millions of people now consume news and information through their social media feeds today. The target audiences are able to get the best knowledge about a particular product and service in a more interesting way through the video ads.
  • 3) Regional Language video content is the latest hypeVideo Advertising has transformed the taste of our community depends upon their diverse culture and regional language. Digital Marketing through ads is increasing because of the vast reach of viewers with the help of their regional language.
  • 4) Consumers becoming receptive to video advertisingThe linking of a particular video to a consumer’s interest or his lifestyle makes the consumers more receptive. With this behavior, video advertising gets further intensified because of customer interaction openly to share their experiences with a particular brand. All these reasons have been incorporated in the marketing strategy of some big brands which eventually contributes towards the evolution of video advertising.
  • 5) The performance of video ad reaps more than its costA recent survey suggested that online video ads get three times more clicks on an average than the other formats in this very genre. The big brands are betting on this aspect through allocating a major portion of their annual budget towards video advertising. The uniqueness and audience interaction involved in video ads fetch them a strong customer base in the long run. The performance of digital marketing is growing in a positive direction because of the advancement in the technological environment.
  • 6) Video Advertising is driven by a logical conceptUnlike traditional advertising methods, video ads are carried and displayed with logical content. There are more consumer awareness and transparency in today’s content that is alluring the customers to like and try a particular brand product or service. Also, business units are maintaining an effective customer redressal department to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

The above discussion discloses the fact that Video Advertising is in a boom. The reasons of this boom as discussed over here give a clear picture as to why the above phrase is true in all respects. Video Advertising is gaining a positive momentum with each passing year. It is believed that a paradigm shift of customer taste towards video advertising is beneficial for the country as a whole.