The periodic advancements in the technological arena have assisted industries in their growth for the past few years. Trending web technologies act as a major parameter for business units to judge flexibility in their operations with respect to change and implementation. These technologies allow business houses to ride the wave of change by exploring them and integrating the same.

New concepts, new ideas and new trends are easier to deploy and maintain which comes in handy to both the user and the developer.

Let’s discuss some trending web technologies that will reign in 2018.

  • 1) ChatbotsCommunication with the customer is a major business aspect to be considered according to the ethical code of conduct. The evolution of Chatbots has created new possibilities to continuously maintain a customer service department. Chatbots, allow a website to be contacted daily as a reason of which consumers become accustomed to their presence of management.

  • 2) Static websitesThe list of trending technologies is incomplete without mentioning Static Websites. There are a number of positive reasons to support the above phrase. These websites are more secure, load quickly and are not too expensive. There are bright chances that 2018 will witness a resurgence of static websites in budget-conscious projects.
  • 3) User Interfaces in motionFor almost a decade, interface is a major area of development. An interface aids the user in finding what he/she is looking for. Improved interfaces help in better customization and creation of dashboards which makes a website functional and attractive.

  • 4) Evolution of FlashAnimations and Movements are two key aspects which require improvements irrespective of their versions. Movements include superposition, cloning, obscuration etc which are added with help of flash. HTML5 is likely to replace Flash, if recent reports are anything to go by. This is due to the fact that HTML5 is quickly gaining ground and becoming the universal format on the internet.
  • 5) One Page WebsitesOne Page Websites are known for their simplicity. Simplicity means that there is no need to intricate navigation with endless menus to explore. You might have experienced this on your smartphones, wherein scrolling is the easiest navigation mode. It is likely to benefit both the host and developer with respect to its cost and simple online needs.

6) Unique Photo ContentPicture initiates discussion- a discussion focusing on the future prospects, a discussion conveying information. Web Technologies inculcate this concept in all its operations to make one’s concept catchy and different. The story contained in the picture triggers a conversation focussing on a particular matter of that respective site.

The adoption of these trends aids a business in maintaining a strong customer base in the long run. The technological environment is a major parameter to judge a business’ ability to remain ahead of its competition.