Have you ever bought a pair of jeans just because your favorite celeb was wearing the same one in a movie? Just like you, each and every one of us prefers to buy any product on someone else’s recommendation.We are more likely to go for any product or service if some sensible person says that they had a pretty good experience while using it.

This is now a new form of marketing known as “Influencer marketing???. In influencer marketing, a consumer of your product promotes it to other consumers and in this way, a sense of trust is built for your brand.

Here are some of the ways influencer marketing is helping businesses to grow in the long run :

1) Increases your brand’s presence in social media :For any brand to grow, social media marketing is very essential. There are more than 258.27 million social media users in India. Hence, marketing your products among such a huge crowd could be a turning point for your brand. Through Influencer marketing, you can promote your products to a targeted audience by choosing an influencer who is popular in the similar niche.

For example, if your company manufacture Football jerseys than your influencer should be a famous football player with a huge fan following in social media.

2) Builds trust for your brand :Business owners usually pay the influencers or provide them goodies and offer if they promote their brand. In this way, your influencer also becomes a regular consumer of your brand. New customers who are converted to consumers by the influencer are more likely to be satisfied and trust your brand since it is recommended by someone they believe. Such customers will be loyal to your business for a long term.3) Various methods of marketing into one :The best thing about influencer marketing is that it is a combination of different methods of marketing strategies like traditional selling, SEO, and Social media marketing. Your influencer promotes your business both online and offline.4) High R.O.I :If you choose your influencer wisely, Influencer marketing can give back a high return on investment for your business. Unlike other marketing strategies, rather than promoting your brand to an irrelevant audience, your influencer targets only the end users. Hence, the rate of conversion is very high.

Here are some tips to use for influencer marketing :

Offer your influencers affiliate for your products/services :If you offer your influencer some commission for each product sold by his influence, he will automatically start finding better ways of marketing your brand to his audience.

Offer discount codes :There are various ways businesses use to motivate their customers and convert them into positive influencers. Every time a customer buys your product, give them an additional discount on the next purchase or ask them to leave a review. Remember your current users can be the best influencers for your business.Hence, do not overlook them.

Connect with anonymous influencers :Tools like Google Alert allow you to track anonymous appreciators of your business.If you are with able to connect with consumers who have already left positive feedbacks of your products and services might prove out to be good influencers.

Look for review blogs :Apart from asking influencers to promote your brand, look for review writers across the web (for eg OkReviewed, TripAdvisor) with a large number of visitors. If he/she is willing to write a review of your product, it could be very effective for your brand’s marketing.

Hiring an influencer seems like a hectic task? There are agencies that can make it easier for you.They can help you in finding the right influencer for your business. Once you choose your influencer, connect and invest some of your time to build a good relationship with them.