When it is the matter of choosing a widely used and the most popular content management system (CMS) then Joomla is the first that clicks the mind. It is an open source framework that is specially designed for speed and ease with regards to making interactive media portals blogs, online communities, and websites and so on. The term Joomla has derived from a Swahili word called “Jumla??? which means as “all together???. It has a wide range of features and is free to use that’s why it has become one of the most popular and widely used CMS around the globe.

Just check out some of the practical applications of Joomla:

  • Online commerce,
  • Community Portals,
  • Small to medium business websites,
  • Non-profit and organizational websites,
  • Government websites and so on.

Some other examples of its applications can be businesses, churches, newspapers and schools. One of the major benefits of using Joomla is that someone who is non-technical can use this system. No matter your website is big or small it is always beneficial to use Joomla for the best web development.

It supports multiple languages, free to use and also search engine friendly. It provides a wide array of plugins more than 3500 to facilitate Joomla web developers to empower your websites. Some of the other things that can be used with Joomla are image galleries, directories, blogs, shopping carts and videos. If we look at the design side of Joomla, then it has hundreds of free templates all over the web. These templates are easy to change and modify.

So, what is the centre?

Having worked with Joomla! For many years we can let you know precisely what the deficiencies are:

  • It can be a bit heavy for smaller websites it leaves room for development later without moving up to a different product or tool!
  • As it is very popular, it catches a lot of attention from its users. A website gets hacked generally. The best way to stay away from this situation is to upgrade your security system with the latest security features.
  • Membership of Joomla membership capacities misses the mark regarding what they could be. There is extremely constrained help for different access levels and access groups.
  • Capabilities and usability of Joomla can fully customizable with the utilization of its extensions. It has thousands of extensions to select from and it is easy to use these extensions to further increase the features and functionalities of this specific CMS. Many of the extensions are developed by the community members so there are many chances in the increment of these features in the future.
  • It is an excellent tool to develop your website that is easily extendable and easy on the eye.
  • Joomla’s native search engine friendliness in the older versions leaves a lot to be desired, although this has received attention in the latest upgrade. Despite this drawback, most of our Joomla sites function well in the search engines because of the genuine use of different plugins to rectify this downside.
  • It’s native web crawler friendliness in the older versions leave a lot to be wanted, despite the fact that this has gotten consideration in the most recent redesign. Despite this downside, most of the Joomla websites perform well in the search engines because of sensible use of different plugins to amend this shortcoming.

There are many benefits of using Joomla but you can put all these benefits in a complete manner if you hire an offshore outsourcing company.

Let’s check out the benefits of using Joomla for your websites.

Joomla is an Open Source system

Joomla is an open source online platform. Developers build modules and extensions in order to fit them into their websites. In this way, we can say that there are many free and paid components can be easily used on your website project that will be less costly and affordable. It is easy to manage and update content with Joomla. Once your website is set up it is quite easy to:

  • Add new pages
  • Upload pictures
  • Edit old pages
  • Link new pages to the main or sub navigation
  • Edit text to make them web friendly

Joomla is free to use

It is free to use its core system and this is the main reason that makes it the most popular and widely used around the globe. You don’t need to pay a licensing fee to use Joomla. You don’t need to be more programmatic to use it. Don’t waste your time by using other CMS systems just save your time and money both with Joomla.

Multi-language support

It has a built-in feature to support multiple languages, so it is not an issue if you are planning to build a website for non-English users. With the help of BudgetCoders, you can develop your website in a manner in which users can easily toggle the language according to their desired view. This feature will also give your website a great accessibility.

Freedom to change – Look and feel

This is one of the best benefits provided by Joomla to its users. They can easily change the look and feel of their website without doing the redo of the entire website. These changes are done in a matter of seconds and provide a speedy change to its users.

Easy, safe and fast

It is widely used and one of the most popular CMS ever before, and the main reason of using Joomla is that it is very easy to install and operate. If you want to update the content on your website then there is no need to hire a person of the same field. You just have to download and install it in your computer system and to do this; there is no need to go deep into the pool of technical knowledge. It saves time while developing a website, and helps to protect it from different online threats.

More than 6000 extensions and still counting

Another major benefit of using Joomla is that it has more than 6000 free extensions or templates to facilitate its developers to increase the functional power of your websites.

E-commerce becomes very easy to handle with Joomla

No doubt, that it is very e-commerce friendly CMS, it offers many benefits, which are mainly designed to support e-commerce websites. It allows to manage your services and products very easily and also give you different types of payment gateways in order to make your online transactions safer and easier as well.

All the above benefits are helpful to understand the best option to develop and design an SEO-friendly website. So, don’t wait for more just go with Joomla web development services at BudgetCoders for getting a desired and affordable website.