Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Web Design and Development Agencies and Freelancers

Unfortunately, you could easily become a target of dodgy individuals or entities that prey on trusting customers.

It is not easy to find a web developer especially if you want someone very proficient to create a website for your business venture. There are honest people and companies. Unfortunately, it is also possible to encounter unscrupulous individuals or organizations. The business proprietor needs to be extra cautious in looking for a decent website developer. Here are some recommendations that can help you get hold of trustworthy providers.

Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs

  • Do not trust alleged developers or programmers who promise high rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo. These people are not telling the truth because you can never buy or negotiate rankings or placement with any search engine. The only objective of search engines is to provide all users with the best search results for key words or key word phrases.
  • Watch out for offers from persons claiming to be web developers for hire who can easily submit your website to all primary search engines. This is absolutely an ineffective approach and not a good practice in search engine optimization. Search engines find websites after effective search engine marketing efforts are conducted. The only time that you have to submit a site is when web pages should be indexed.
  • Get in touch with your prospective website developer personally. Obtain a portfolio of websites designed by these supposed developers and programmers so you can evaluate their previous work. Do not be contented with looking at their screen shots. Check out the websites and communicate with the owners to get a correct report about the web design company that you are checking on. There may be instances when dishonest designers put up sites that have no relevance to their profiles. It takes some due diligence on your part.
  • Capable website development firms or individuals with extensive experience possess a comprehensive knowledge of website development. These service providers are transparent with costs and provide you with complete details of procedures and billing matters.
  • Be careful of hosting scams. Determine the place where your site will be hosted and inclusive package in case any website developer offers free hosting for six months to a year. It is essential to find out the bandwidth that you have been allocated and processor speed you will get. This enables you to know how fast your site will load for visitors as well as the number of visitors at any given time. It is not a good deal if you are acquiring free hosting but the site is slow or always down.
  • Beware of offers for web hosting made by web developers that will charge you for a full year of hosting up front. These individuals as a rule provide low-quality hosting. At the same time, be wary of places that offer unlimited space or zero downtime. The only way to get zero downtime is if systems are not rebooted for maintenance like security updates.

The web development company you are considering must purchase your domain name under your name and using your money. You must control your domain name or you may be compelled to buy this from them for a large transfer fee.