Questions to Ask a Web Programmer Prior to Hiring

Interviewing your prospective web programmer is the best way to determine if he or she can meet your requirements.

Business owners, who have a limited knowledge about the process of web development, should look for somebody trustworthy. The act of building your website is crucial so it is equally important to find competent web developers for hire. You must place emphasis on experience because someone without this familiarity and technical expertise is not capable of producing the site that will make your business very competitive. Make sure that your candidate will be in the business for a long time. The website developer may just be around for this year and disappear next year with all your money and the website unfinished.

Questions to Ask Potential Developers

  • What is your experience in website development? How do you intend to do this project? Competent and professional website designers must be capable of explaining their work in simple layman’s terminologies logically. These individuals must not confuse or make things look hard for you.
  • Can you explain the entire process from start to finish? Find a web developer who utilizes a repetitive methodology instead of one big deliverable style. This is called the “waterfall technique” which is not advisable in web design processes.
  • What are your targets for my website and how do you plan to achieve these goals? You compel the applicant to lay out their plans by asking this question. You will know if the person is really qualified.
  • Do you work primarily with open-source or privately-owned software? One of the major benefits of open-source software is the ability to pick up where other professional web designers left off. If you select someone working with proprietary software, you may be tied to that developer permanently.
  • How long does it take for you to answer e-mails? If you find yourself waiting awhile for so long, the chances are your website development team is not working on your site or has taken the project in another direction.
  • Do you outsource?  Web development companies that outsource their projects tend to subscribe to the one-size-fits-all strategy. It is most likely that you will not get the particular service that you desire.
  • Will my website be scalable? Your website creation provider must be familiar with the combination of hardware and software required to guarantee complete scalability. This will make sure that your website does not crash instantly as soon as it gets some traffic. Important systems like database clustering and query optimization should be ordinary concepts for them.

Make sure that the website developer has a development process. Any project is surely more efficient if there is a defined process. The defined method for completion of the project will ensure that you know things that must be finished before your project is completed. You can even consider asking your developer this question:

What will do if you if the client will demand that you step out of the process and do something different? The clever website design expert will say that “the process is still the process.” It facilitates efficiency and timeliness of this project. It will be more expensive and irrational to disregard the process.

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