Essential Things Every Web Programmer Needs To Know

There are various vital aspects that web programmers need to know – and continue to learn – in order to thrive in the industry.

Web programmers must be knowledgeable about technical stuff that comes along in the field of web development. It is not simply learning complicated technical codes, languages and software but making all these work effectively.

Essential Things Every Web Programmer Needs To Know

Browser Tools

The competent web programmer knows different functions of browser development tools. For instance, Mozilla Firefox was the first to release an all-inclusive debugging program that helps detect and correct coding flaws. It teaches developers to understand uses of the front code. At present, all browsers have good debuggers that may be added as extensions. Yet, the most commonly-used platform is that of Google Chrome. Programmers should invest in these tools because of benefits they will bring.

Project Management

Some web programmers are short of project management skills which is quite unfortunate. There are not enough developers who can write excellent codes and build impressive applications. Project Management consists of the capability to comprehend business goals; oversee projects; handle complicated work flows; and, pay attention to suggestions of users. These will help in modifying products appropriately.

SQL and NoSQL Fundamentals

The web programmer who builds apps stores information in the database. The backend code will connect with that database to secure what users need. Programmers should only learn the basics of data storage. They will end up using a package to perform the complex tasks.

In the past, Relational Database Management Systems (SQL) stored data in prearranged tables with corresponding column times. These were similar to MS Word Excel spreadsheets. Then, a new model of formless database was conceived. This is called the NoSQL. The major feature of this unstructured database is it does not possess a fixed diagram. Each document contains sets of columns known as keys. Web programmers today must become adept in the nitty-gritty of NoSQL and study the Relational Database Management Systems as well.

Essential Things Every Web Programmer Needs To Know


JavaScript refers to a web programming and scripting language with first-rate functions. It is an un-typed and interpreted language also used by numerous non-browser environments. JavaScript has been regulated in the ECMA Script or ES trademark scripting code. JS has turned into an ever-present and reliable tool for web servers, browsers, robots, and devices. Web programmers who learn JavaScript avoid wasting time on functional as well as prototype programming.


For novice web programmers, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the typical markup language used to create web apps and pages. Together with JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), it creates the triad of fundamental technologies for the Internet. Browsers get HTML documents form servers or storage and convert them into multi-media web pages. It describes page structure and includes cues that shape the document’s appearance.

CSS is the style-sheet language for document formatting written in mark-up language. The CSS3 is the latest version and has been divided into modules but contains previous specifications. Important modules include User Interface; Box Model; Selectors; Text Effects, Animations; Backgrounds and Borders; Multiple Column Layout; Image values; and, Replaced Content.

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