How Much Should You Pay a Web Programmer?

Consider the complexity of your requirements and the web programmer’s experience and expertise when deciding how much to pay them.

You have to take into consideration a lot of factors before you hire a computer programmer. You can come up with a more accurate budget by identifying if you need a new website or just a redesign. Likewise, find out if graphics have been created for the website or customized images must be produced. The web design services you need may call for multimedia development, content management functions, blogs, or special functions such as search engine optimization and social media. Your site will require animation, current information and controls to generate interaction. This is a fairly complicated task so you may need to pay professional website developers a huge sum. Nonetheless, the compensation of these experts depends primarily on job titles and specialization.

Website Developers

Web developers are responsible for front-end systems. These are the components that can be detected by users browsing websites. Developers design interactive systems, complex diagrams and animated displays designed to generate interest among users and make navigation easy. These professionals create web pages using programming languages such as hypertext mark-up language. Some of their other tasks include coding dialog buttons, search boxes, and cursor changes. The American Institute of Graphics Arts came up with a 2011 Design Salary Survey which disclosed that freelance web developers earned an average of $60,000 annually. The lower end made less than $50,000 while those at the top brought home more than $75,000.

Website Programmers

Website programmers for hire take care of back-end systems. These are the areas that users do not usually see but are responsible for the storage and processing of information. It is collected by the front-end of a website. Programmers produce apps that store customer entries in a database. Such applications also complete shopping transactions or send email across the Internet. Common programming languages consist of System Query Language, Python or PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). The computer programmer earns $70,000 a year based on the design salary survey.

Mobile Application and Rich Media Developers

Mobile application developers build web experiences optimized for mobile devices like cell phones. These include online games, advertisements, multimedia players and communication portals. Said programmers must be knowledgeable of programming languages as C++ and Java. These technical experts should also know the functions of these devices as well as communications with the Internet. Mobile app developers earn approximately $80,000 every year. Rich media or motion graphics developers are responsible for the creation of multimedia, motion graphics and web experiences like landing pages, interactive games and advertising banners. These individuals employ programming languages like Action script, Flash or JavaScript. These website developers work with creative artists or video producers for coding purposes. The regular yearly compensation of these individuals is a minimum of $65,500 to a high of $81,500. Freelance programming experts normally charge clients on a per-project or per-hour arrangement. Quotes vary depending on the scope of work, language and turn-out of submissions. Hourly fees are relatively higher than full-time salaries. Programmers got a median rate of $35 per hour as employees but earned an average of $55 per hour as freelancers.