Essential Things Every Web Programmer Needs To Know

There are various vital aspects that web programmers need to know – and continue to learn – in order to thrive in the industry.

Web programmers must be knowledgeable about technical stuff that comes along in the field of web development. It is not simply learning complicated technical codes, languages and software but making all these work effectively.

Essential Things Every Web Programmer Needs To Know

Browser Tools

The competent web programmer knows different functions of browser development tools. For instance, Mozilla Firefox was the first to release an all-inclusive debugging program that helps detect and correct coding flaws. It teaches developers to understand uses of the front code. At present, all browsers have good debuggers that may be added as extensions. Yet, the most commonly-used platform is that of Google Chrome. Programmers should invest in these tools because of benefits they will bring.

Project Management

Some web programmers are short of project management skills which is quite unfortunate. There are not enough developers who can write excellent codes and build impressive applications. Project Management consists of the capability to comprehend business goals; oversee projects; handle complicated work flows; and, pay attention to suggestions of users. These will help in modifying products appropriately.

SQL and NoSQL Fundamentals

The web programmer who builds apps stores information in the database. The backend code will connect with that database to secure what users need. Programmers should only learn the basics of data storage. They will end up using a package to perform the complex tasks.

In the past, Relational Database Management Systems (SQL) stored data in prearranged tables with corresponding column times. These were similar to MS Word Excel spreadsheets. Then, a new model of formless database was conceived. This is called the NoSQL. The major feature of this unstructured database is it does not possess a fixed diagram. Each document contains sets of columns known as keys. Web programmers today must become adept in the nitty-gritty of NoSQL and study the Relational Database Management Systems as well.

Essential Things Every Web Programmer Needs To Know


JavaScript refers to a web programming and scripting language with first-rate functions. It is an un-typed and interpreted language also used by numerous non-browser environments. JavaScript has been regulated in the ECMA Script or ES trademark scripting code. JS has turned into an ever-present and reliable tool for web servers, browsers, robots, and devices. Web programmers who learn JavaScript avoid wasting time on functional as well as prototype programming.


For novice web programmers, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the typical markup language used to create web apps and pages. Together with JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), it creates the triad of fundamental technologies for the Internet. Browsers get HTML documents form servers or storage and convert them into multi-media web pages. It describes page structure and includes cues that shape the document’s appearance.

CSS is the style-sheet language for document formatting written in mark-up language. The CSS3 is the latest version and has been divided into modules but contains previous specifications. Important modules include User Interface; Box Model; Selectors; Text Effects, Animations; Backgrounds and Borders; Multiple Column Layout; Image values; and, Replaced Content.

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Significant Web Development Trends Shape Future of This Discipline

The field of web development is an ever-changing one. Trends come and go, and web developers must always keep abreast of these.

Web programming or development is a truly exciting field. Developers as well as online business owners should look at web development trends closely. It is important to find out how these will impact businesses, consumers and developers.

Significant Web Development Trends Shape Future of This Discipline

Evolution of Technology

Progression of technology means more sophisticated platforms coming to the market. There will be more changes as well. One thing is for sure: highly developed platforms will translate to more responsive web designs. This is a web development trend that programmers must monitor closely.

Responsive web design can make things easier for developers. Yet, they need to gain new skills and additional experience. The goal is to make the website look impressive and user-friendly whether it is seen from a mobile device or desktop. It is not only accessibility that matters but website rankings in search engines like Bing, Google or Yahoo. The bottom line is responsive design has become crucial to the outlook of web development.

In a nutshell, RWD as a web development trend implies that both design and development must complement behavior of users and settings based on directions, platforms and size. Said approach includes a combination of flexible frameworks, images, layouts, and smart use of Cascading Style Sheets media inquiries.

Significant Web Development Trends Shape Future of This Discipline

Internet of Things

The next stimulating web development trend is the Internet of Things which rose to a higher level in terms of apps creation. Internet of Things will continue to grow by more than 31 percent beyond 2017. Of course, this will have an enormous impact on users of smart or tangible objects. It has the capability to facilitate data exchange by means of IOT linked to smart devices. The result is improved user-control and communications with gadgets and equipment as more devices are connected to and gain access to your network.
This is the fundamental concept of the Internet of Things. It refers to any apparatus counting household appliances with an on-off switch to the web and each other. A technology research company forecasted there will be more than 26 billion connected gadgets by 2020. Internet of Things is a massive network of linked things including people. Said relationship will be: Things-Things; People-Things; and, People-People.

Database Technology

Among the top web development trends are modifications in database technology. Structured Query Language (SQL) programming is considered traditional language for relational database management systems. It is the preferred technique in organization of data. However, stakeholders are looking for quicker and more perceptive methods in storing information. Non SQL databases are being conceived to complement the scale as a result of which data is produced and accessed.

The SQL database may soon call it a day as social media networking sites are becoming more popular. Meanwhile, new storage as well as processing methodologies necessitates superior performance and authority.

New web development trends emerge every year. This is why more mobile and web services or products find their way to the growing market. It will be very fascinating to see what the future has in the offing for developers and users.

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Web Developers, Mobile Apps, Search Engine Optimization and Site Maintenance

Web developers are responsible for various aspects of web properties and must be well-versed in different elements that make for successful websites.

Web developers must make clients’ websites look remarkable, accessible and understandable to users. They should make use of sophisticated applications, contemporary web tools and up to date techniques. The latter includes high-tech graphics along with high-definition (HD) 4K resolution videos for an interactive and more navigable layout.

Web Developers, Mobile Apps, Search Engine Optimization and Site Maintenance

Mobile Apps

The web developer must understand the rationale behind and the goals of building these applications. Mobile apps can help build marketing outlets. These have multiple functions such as providing general information, booking forms, user accounts, and news feeds. Yet, the most significant benefit is that it makes all valuable information accessible to clients by means of push notifications.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of the mobile app is to provide business organizations the opportunity to interface with clients in real-time, according to location and complete with the required profile information. Mobile apps have opened numerous opportunities for enterprises. First of all, these are easy to use. Your business can be more technically perceptive, accomplished and manageable in terms of navigation. It becomes easier to reach more customers, send out proposals and make follow-ups with push button notifications. Mobile applications can be the best means to connect and relate with target customers.

Web developers know that mobile apps have extreme value to today’s businesses. An app can win over loyal and prospective clients that the business remains ahead of an integrated digital experience. This is a flawless and unfailing experience across points of interaction with other corporate organizations. These can be mobile, Internet-based or in the venue. In fact, many companies have become skilled at engaging and connecting with consumers across multiple channels which are essential to their competitiveness.

Web Developers, Mobile Apps, Search Engine Optimization and Site Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization

What should web developers know about SEO? Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a popular catchphrase. SEO can be described as a process that guides search engines like Google and Yahoo to find websites. These search engines are responsible for ranking sites in answer to search queries from Internet users. Without optimization, it is difficult for a particular website to be seen or attain high a good position. In the first place, the point in creating this site is to draw the maximum number of visitors. Significant time and resources are wasted in web development if it fails to generate substantial volume of traffic.

Companies using SEO can look forward to long-term positioning. Results produce lasting effects provided a comprehensive marketing campaign has been put in place. Moreover, optimized sites can be the easiest and quickest mode for companies to handle competitors. Right now, search engine optimization has become potent locally and globally. It can stand out in the domestic market or reach out to different customers across the world. SEO is deemed as one of the most cost-effective strategies in Web marketing provided it is carried out by competent professionals including web developers.

Finally, web developers maintain 24/7 maintenance services to ensure the site works seamlessly. They also take care of fixing broken links, modification of menu items, updating, routine back-up, malware detection, real-time security checks, and monitoring of website speed.

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Pointers in Outsourcing: How to Get Affordable Web Development Providers

There are various factors that must be considered when outsourcing web development providers. Cost is just one of these factors, but it shouldn’t be the sole consideration.

How do you find an affordable web development company? Outsourcing has become a common practice but companies must be careful in making their selection. Do not make a choice based on costs alone. You need to make comparisons carefully based on online reputation, services and promotional packages.

Get Affordable Web Development Providers

Investment for Businesses

The website is not merely a tool. It is also a short and long-term investment. When you evaluate the performance of an affordable web development provider, see to it that the company has the capability to create a website with the following features:

  • Usability or User-Friendly Navigation – This simply means visitors will not find it hard to find appropriate content in your site. Navigation must be consistent from one page to the other so browsers will not be confused.
  • Unmistakable Identity – Your website should not just be a stereotype portal with vague titles, boring content and cluttered design. If this were the case, users will stay away from your site. For a website to have a unique and clear identity, it needs brief and informative content that follows SEO rules. The design should also be simple, uncluttered and exciting.
  • All contact details need to be visible to readers. Visitors’ attention lasts only for a few seconds so be sure to catch them during this time. If possible, contact information should be on every page. Ask the affordable web development specialist to design a comprehensible contact form.
  • The design must be straightforward but very professional. Text must be clear to readers without having to use a magnifying glass. Each component of the design must serve its function. At the same time, all pages should be constructed properly with the right utilization of links.
  • Ideally, websites are compatible with multiple browsers, namely; internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
  • Functionality is very important. Each building block of the website needs to work without a glitch. Sort out all page flaws together with poorly developed elements. The site that is not built according to standards can damage the operation of your company.
  • Always think of your target audience or market. The website’s theme should match that of your business, trademark, merchandise, or service.
Get Affordable Web Development Providers

Optimization & Web Development

Web development is described as the back-end of any website compared to web design which is responsible for crafting an appealing and professional appearance for the website. This is what keeps the site functioning so that potential and existing customers can navigate seamlessly and make their purchases without any problems.

Web developers are also SEO experts who teach their clients techniques that work for the website. It is important to engage their services to bring optimization to a higher level. Developers maintain website assessment and reporting which takes account of the exhaustive study regarding the site. Through this system, you get a complete idea of the website’s functional aspects.

Once on-site optimization is accomplished, your website will be considered search-engine friendly. This is when the elements of meta tags, content development, keyword analysis, image building, site speed optimization, and developing keyword-rich domain names become necessary. With the assistance of an affordable web development expert, the business owner can formulate the perfect goals for his or her website.

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Everything You Need to Know About Web Programming Languages

There are various programming languages used today. Aspiring programmers must learn about the particulars of each programming language in order to effectively develop websites.

Web technology has progressed immensely. With this development, the website is now a necessity for business owners especially for marketing purposes. This process is known as web development. One important component of development is programming and accomplished using web programming languages. These serve as platforms for communicating instructions effectively to machines.

Web Programming Languages

Syntax and Semantics

The web programming language regulates the actions of computers. It must be designed and created in a manner that communications with computers will be seamless. Thousands of such languages have been produced and many more are created each year. Yet, one of the first things aspiring programmers must learn is the two essential elements of any programming language. These are syntax and semantics.

Syntax refers to the rules defining combination of symbols considered as well-structured documents or fragments. Semantics is the domain related to complicated mathematical studies. This is performed by analyzing the definition of structural and legal matters of a particular web programming language. It shows all computations involved. Programming languages vary according to specific documents or implementation of references. In essence, it is data that helps in the writing of programs acknowledged as algorithm.

Prominent Programming Languages

In 2015, the top web programming languages were:

  • Java
  • Java Script
  • Python
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Hyper Text Pre-Processor (PHP)
  • Ruby (Open-Source)
  • C++ (Middle-Level)
  • C (General Purpose)
  • C# (C Sharp)
  • Objective C (General Purpose)
  • Go (Free from Google)
  • Perl (High-level)
  • R (For Statistical and Programming functions)
  • VimL (Vim Script)
Web Programming Languages

Peculiarities of Programming Languages

These are the features of web programming languages that programmers must be aware of:

  • Abstraction – Rules that allow programmers to identify or mark data configurations and manipulate the method by which commands are done. Each language is supported by ample abstractions.
  • Expressive Power – The web programming language is classified largely by computations each language is capable of expressing.
  • Function and Target – Any web programming language consists of a matching description or processor. This makes programming languages different from verbal interaction.

Factors to Study

The drawback of too many web programming languages is most developers find it hard to determine those that should be used and those that must be discarded. Decisions should be based on the aspects of:

  • Language Domain Match – Choose the web programming language based on problematic domains.
  • Targeted Platform – Find out where the program will run since not all programming languages can run on all types of programs.
  • Efficiency – Efficiency guarantees that the web programming language performs fast and effectively.
  • Flexibility – The language should be flexible so developers can add more features or programs.
  • Accessibility of Libraries – Libraries must resolve all programming issues.
  • Tool Support – The web programming languages must be tool–oriented so there are multiple techniques to control, edit and work.

New programmers must conduct more research and seek the assistance of experienced web developers to learn the ins and outs of web programming languages.

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Questions to Ask a Web Programmer Prior to Hiring

Interviewing your prospective web programmer is the best way to determine if he or she can meet your requirements.

Business owners, who have a limited knowledge about the process of web development, should look for somebody trustworthy. The act of building your website is crucial so it is equally important to find competent web developers for hire. You must place emphasis on experience because someone without this familiarity and technical expertise is not capable of producing the site that will make your business very competitive. Make sure that your candidate will be in the business for a long time. The website developer may just be around for this year and disappear next year with all your money and the website unfinished.

Questions to Ask Potential Developers

  • What is your experience in website development? How do you intend to do this project? Competent and professional website designers must be capable of explaining their work in simple layman’s terminologies logically. These individuals must not confuse or make things look hard for you.
  • Can you explain the entire process from start to finish? Find a web developer who utilizes a repetitive methodology instead of one big deliverable style. This is called the “waterfall technique” which is not advisable in web design processes.
  • What are your targets for my website and how do you plan to achieve these goals? You compel the applicant to lay out their plans by asking this question. You will know if the person is really qualified.
  • Do you work primarily with open-source or privately-owned software? One of the major benefits of open-source software is the ability to pick up where other professional web designers left off. If you select someone working with proprietary software, you may be tied to that developer permanently.
  • How long does it take for you to answer e-mails? If you find yourself waiting awhile for so long, the chances are your website development team is not working on your site or has taken the project in another direction.
  • Do you outsource?  Web development companies that outsource their projects tend to subscribe to the one-size-fits-all strategy. It is most likely that you will not get the particular service that you desire.
  • Will my website be scalable? Your website creation provider must be familiar with the combination of hardware and software required to guarantee complete scalability. This will make sure that your website does not crash instantly as soon as it gets some traffic. Important systems like database clustering and query optimization should be ordinary concepts for them.

Make sure that the website developer has a development process. Any project is surely more efficient if there is a defined process. The defined method for completion of the project will ensure that you know things that must be finished before your project is completed. You can even consider asking your developer this question:

What will do if you if the client will demand that you step out of the process and do something different? The clever website design expert will say that “the process is still the process.” It facilitates efficiency and timeliness of this project. It will be more expensive and irrational to disregard the process.

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Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Web Design and Development Agencies and Freelancers

Unfortunately, you could easily become a target of dodgy individuals or entities that prey on trusting customers.

It is not easy to find a web developer especially if you want someone very proficient to create a website for your business venture. There are honest people and companies. Unfortunately, it is also possible to encounter unscrupulous individuals or organizations. The business proprietor needs to be extra cautious in looking for a decent website developer. Here are some recommendations that can help you get hold of trustworthy providers.

Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs

  • Do not trust alleged developers or programmers who promise high rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo. These people are not telling the truth because you can never buy or negotiate rankings or placement with any search engine. The only objective of search engines is to provide all users with the best search results for key words or key word phrases.
  • Watch out for offers from persons claiming to be web developers for hire who can easily submit your website to all primary search engines. This is absolutely an ineffective approach and not a good practice in search engine optimization. Search engines find websites after effective search engine marketing efforts are conducted. The only time that you have to submit a site is when web pages should be indexed.
  • Get in touch with your prospective website developer personally. Obtain a portfolio of websites designed by these supposed developers and programmers so you can evaluate their previous work. Do not be contented with looking at their screen shots. Check out the websites and communicate with the owners to get a correct report about the web design company that you are checking on. There may be instances when dishonest designers put up sites that have no relevance to their profiles. It takes some due diligence on your part.
  • Capable website development firms or individuals with extensive experience possess a comprehensive knowledge of website development. These service providers are transparent with costs and provide you with complete details of procedures and billing matters.
  • Be careful of hosting scams. Determine the place where your site will be hosted and inclusive package in case any website developer offers free hosting for six months to a year. It is essential to find out the bandwidth that you have been allocated and processor speed you will get. This enables you to know how fast your site will load for visitors as well as the number of visitors at any given time. It is not a good deal if you are acquiring free hosting but the site is slow or always down.
  • Beware of offers for web hosting made by web developers that will charge you for a full year of hosting up front. These individuals as a rule provide low-quality hosting. At the same time, be wary of places that offer unlimited space or zero downtime. The only way to get zero downtime is if systems are not rebooted for maintenance like security updates.

The web development company you are considering must purchase your domain name under your name and using your money. You must control your domain name or you may be compelled to buy this from them for a large transfer fee.

How to Find Affordable Web Programmers?

While it may be expensive to hire web programmers, but it is not entire impossible to find good value for your money.

Websites have now become essential components in the marketing program of corporate organizations and small entrepreneurs. This has made the web programmer profession more lucrative. The growth of computer technology has made the creation of websites more convenient. You can easily download free templates or software from the Internet. It becomes possible to produce your own site with a little knowledge of Hyper-Text Mark-up Language codes or HTML coding. Nevertheless, enterprises still choose website programmers for hire to design and develop their websites. Quality in a business environment cannot be compromised with amateur output. You can follow tips in looking for reasonably priced web design services.

Searching for Cost-Effective Programmers

  • Come up with a list of your particular requirements and expectations. This allows you to figure out the tasks such as web hosting and the need for a domain name. Determine the interface and features needed for your site. Find someone with extensive experience and ask for a quote. Get at least three sources so you can make a comparison among professional programmers. Request for their credentials, previous experience in website creation or design and other pertinent information.
  • Check the profile of web development companies on the Internet. There are sites that provide ratings of service providers so you can easily assess the quality of their works. It is also advisable to look at testimonials and customer reviews together with past accomplishments to find out regarding SEO skills, use of software and resourcefulness. You can also see the rates of these website development professionals.
  • You can opt for economical website design services but be wary of those who sell cheap services. It is not practical to cut down on your budget by compromising on quality and missing out the vital elements of web design. As a clarification, programmers focus on technical aspects, codes and functions while designers take care of the visual side and outward appearance of websites. if you select web development companies, these outfits should have employees who are experts both in programming and design techniques. The competent developer must be open to suggestions and respect the views of clients even if these people are not web creation experts.
  • Look at the aspect of free setup. Some hosting providers charge a setup fee which is not rational at all. There is minimal effort required in creating hosting services so avoid web design services that demand payment for this. Likewise, numerous providers are willing to offer unrestricted and free upgrade in bandwidth and space. Try to find a wed developer who can offer you a minimum of 30-day money back guarantee. Refrain from obtaining the services of cheap firms that will lock you into a prolonged contract.

Read the terms and conditions indicated in the contract carefully prior to signing that written agreement. Review the provision on non-refundable and cancellation fees. These are stated clearly in the stipulations so be prudent with these contracts. Be cautious in dealing with all these website developers in the market.

How Much Should You Pay a Web Programmer?

Consider the complexity of your requirements and the web programmer’s experience and expertise when deciding how much to pay them.

You have to take into consideration a lot of factors before you hire a computer programmer. You can come up with a more accurate budget by identifying if you need a new website or just a redesign. Likewise, find out if graphics have been created for the website or customized images must be produced. The web design services you need may call for multimedia development, content management functions, blogs, or special functions such as search engine optimization and social media. Your site will require animation, current information and controls to generate interaction. This is a fairly complicated task so you may need to pay professional website developers a huge sum. Nonetheless, the compensation of these experts depends primarily on job titles and specialization.

Website Developers

Web developers are responsible for front-end systems. These are the components that can be detected by users browsing websites. Developers design interactive systems, complex diagrams and animated displays designed to generate interest among users and make navigation easy. These professionals create web pages using programming languages such as hypertext mark-up language. Some of their other tasks include coding dialog buttons, search boxes, and cursor changes. The American Institute of Graphics Arts came up with a 2011 Design Salary Survey which disclosed that freelance web developers earned an average of $60,000 annually. The lower end made less than $50,000 while those at the top brought home more than $75,000.

Website Programmers

Website programmers for hire take care of back-end systems. These are the areas that users do not usually see but are responsible for the storage and processing of information. It is collected by the front-end of a website. Programmers produce apps that store customer entries in a database. Such applications also complete shopping transactions or send email across the Internet. Common programming languages consist of System Query Language, Python or PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). The computer programmer earns $70,000 a year based on the design salary survey.

Mobile Application and Rich Media Developers

Mobile application developers build web experiences optimized for mobile devices like cell phones. These include online games, advertisements, multimedia players and communication portals. Said programmers must be knowledgeable of programming languages as C++ and Java. These technical experts should also know the functions of these devices as well as communications with the Internet. Mobile app developers earn approximately $80,000 every year. Rich media or motion graphics developers are responsible for the creation of multimedia, motion graphics and web experiences like landing pages, interactive games and advertising banners. These individuals employ programming languages like Action script, Flash or JavaScript. These website developers work with creative artists or video producers for coding purposes. The regular yearly compensation of these individuals is a minimum of $65,500 to a high of $81,500. Freelance programming experts normally charge clients on a per-project or per-hour arrangement. Quotes vary depending on the scope of work, language and turn-out of submissions. Hourly fees are relatively higher than full-time salaries. Programmers got a median rate of $35 per hour as employees but earned an average of $55 per hour as freelancers.

Web Programmers: Outsource or Go In-House?

You need to determine your goals and limitations before you decide to hire programmers, whether in-house or outsourced.

Companies with website development requirements have two options. One is to outsource programming or to opt for in-house production. Large organizations have the resources to hire the best designers in the industry while smaller firms can be better off by outsourcing. It is up to business proprietors to find out which alternative will be beneficial to their business.

Essential Things Every Web Programmer Needs To Know

Key Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Subcontracting ecommerce web development can save you financial resources because you only need to pay a flat rate or the time consumed in doing the task. You will be compelled to pay salaries, give incentives, purchase equipment, and provide training if you hire in-house designers.
  • The freelance web designer makes it a point to keep abreast of the most recent technology and innovative patterns to remain competitive. Thus, you can also expect to be at par with your competitors with freelance programming. On the other end, using employees from your IT department may not be a smart decision especially if staff members are not well-versed with the latest techniques in web design and programming.
  • Entrepreneurs who outsource are assured of a fresh approach and impartial perspective. You obtain an objective approach that is perfect for the company’s marketing mix. The experience that these website developers have built over the years will surely be beneficial to your overall objective.
  • Web development companies are bigger than in-house departments. This indicates their advantage in terms of avant-garde expertise. Said agencies employ experts in various fields of programming and design such as access to equipment and software. On the other hand, choosing in-house designers may lead to delays due to inconsistent priorities that can prove costly to the business.

Advantages of Choosing In-house Designers

Opting for in house programmers also have advantages that you can ponder on to help you make a good decision.

  • Hiring full-time employees gives the business owner full control of the project so clients are assured of focus and dedication. An in-house team may be advantageous to corporate entities that market design services. You do not have complete influence over contractors so this may be disadvantageous to your operations.
  • Communication is faster if you hire in-house professional website designers. It is easier to give directions or implement corrections when the whole team is working under one roof. Things can be explained easier to the workers compared to dealing with contractors who work remotely.
  • In-house design systems generate more flexibility so you are capable of making several modifications in your designs in a single day. The owner does not have to wait for the availability of the freelance web developers so priority assignments are done immediately. Overtime work is not an issue since you can ask your employees to do rush work without any hassles.

You save more money if you hire web designers even if you have to invest in infrastructure, regular compensation, fringe benefits, and supplies. You acquire better results in the long-term. The in-house design also derives benefits from the perspective of project outlay. These cost-savings come up at the termination of the project.